Testimonials About Our Notary Services

We consistently deliver

notary public services

at a pace and a price that our customers appreciate

We work hard to build strong, long termworking relationships with our clients. Here's what our clients say about us:

"H&S Notary Practice is the fastest public notary service I've used in London. I recommend them to my associates when they need fast notary services and legalisation."

"My family has dealt with H&S Notary services for years now. They understand our needs and fulfil them swiftly and efficiently."

"H&S Notary Practice come to you if you can't get to them and they are proactive at arranging other services when you need them too, like translation, which I often require. H&S Notary services are second to none."

"Call H&S Notary Practice when you haven’t got time to queue at the FCO. They’ll do it for you. They truly understand what good customer service is and deliver fast notary services for you each and every time."

"H&S Notary Practice were highly professional, exceptionally friendly - and sorted out all my Notary issues without any problems at all - highly reccomended for their exceptional advice and prompt notary services!"
"I get about four or five visa requests every week for our corporate travellers. I rely on H&S Notary services for a prompt and timely service. They provide a superior, efficient notary service and are always a pleasure to deal with"

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needs. Just call us on 020 7433 3338 to book an appointment. We will assist you, whether you need a document notarised or complex commercial documentation collated.

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